Men's wool watch cap - black, grey, orange, red
My Dad is an electrician and worked out in every weather environment you can imagine. Every once in a while I got to go with him. Living in the Allegheny Mountains in the Western Tier of NY near Buffalo, once colder weather arrived, he always had a hat just like this one around. Once the chill of the morning wore off, the cap was pulled off, and I trotted it off to toss onto the bench seat of the truck. Traditional, efficient and no frills, just like Dad. So, if you need a traditional hat that you can wear no matter what the weather throws at you, this hand knit hat made with 100% wool will fit the bill. Knit in the traditional watch cap style, these hats have been the classic style for men for good reason; they keep your head warm! **Medium is about 23" and will fit most men **Large fits those with a head of 24" or larger 100% wool hand knit hats are difficult to find. I now carry this traditional hand-knit hat in several colors, just choose the one that you like best. The brim of the cap is long so it covers your ears, and you can pull it down as far on your neck as you need. Perfect for men who: work outside love to ski love to hunt are in the military