Leather Black Silver 2 pc Mask Sci Fi LOTR Post Apocalyptic
This mask is wild, I can see it for Sci fi, Star Wars, LOTR, and so many other uses. I made this out of 8-9 oz leather sections, my own designs, hand cut, punched and then sewn. Each mask is unique and take on a life of their own. The mask color is Satin Black with Sterling Silver Angelus Leather Paint, Leather is stamped with a fine grid work on certain sections. Notice from the side views how the chin juts out for a really cool shape. Sleek and elegant. Open eyes allow full vision Mask has large holes for air ventilation. Long leather straps that have buckle and D rings for full adjustability Mask is lined for your wearing comfort. Made for the adult head. Ships USPS Priority Mail, tracking, insurance, signature confirmation