Kangaroo Hide Credit Card Wallet - 6 credit card slots
Kangaroo Hide is one of the strongest Leathers known today, it is primarily used to make whips and horse equipment, durability and strength is what kangaroo hide offers. we designed this Credit Card Wallet to be made out of buffalo and calf hide originally however when we tried making one of these wallets out of kangaroo hide even we where impressed. we designed this type of wallet with the professional in mind, able to easily fit into the inner coat pocket, front pocket or in the back pocket. Our Handmade Credit Card Wallets are ruggedly beautiful and are purely hand made from start to finish! Each and every piece is hand cut , hand dyed, and hand stitch. Every single one of our handmade wallets are unique, due to the grain of the Premium leathers we use, and the amount of dye the leather absorbs during the hand dying process! this style of credit card wallet has 6 credit card slots (4 card slots inside and 2 quick pockets outside), 2 large pockets behind the inner pockets, all card slots are able to fit business cards and the pockets are capable of holding cash folded once. The leather and materials we use are the real deal! We use premium leather, professional grade leather dyes, oils, and natural bees wax. There are plenty of options available and more if you contact us directly. You can also purchase our hand made Products on our website: www.knottedleathers.net Not available for shipment to california