Awareness ribbon hats you choose colors  adult size
This is the first of the kind for me, Someone close to me was recently diagnosed T1D (Type one diabetes also known as juvenile diabetes). I have been wanting to make awareness ribbon hats when a close friend from college, her child was diagnosed with leukemia. I want to help spread awareness for all types of childhood and adult diseases so please order a custom ribbon hat or order a T1D hat. Help spread awareness with a ribbon. This is for an adult or adult XL size other sizes are available just start a custom order! You can choose the color show-purple, or you can choose a custom color for the main piece just put in seller note upon checkout what color you want the “hat” to be. If you are choosing a different ribbon also put in sellers note upon check out what color(s) you want the “ribbon” to be. The main hat is made with the softest yarn Thant won’t irritate the skin. Please ask me any question via convo. NB----12inches 0-3----13 inches 3-6----15 inches 6-9----16 inches 9-12---17 inches 12-24---18 inches 2-4----19 inches 4-6----19.5 inches 6-8----20 inches 8-10---20.5 inches teen is 21in adult is 22in xlarge is 24in