Krochet form my home to yours!

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Pasco, WA
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Sarah Probasco
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I used to sell handmade hair accessories, one day a custom order was made for a crochet flower headband. I had never done crochet before but I had always wanted to learn so bought my supplies and well that was the start of KIDSNKROCHET. I fell in love with the possibilities crocheting could bring. Hats, scarves, gloves, animals, cozies, and so much more. I first added it to my other shop then decided that it needed its own! So here we are with Knight hats, finger-less dragon scale gloves, Unicorns, and Asthma cozies. You can be apart of my joy of crocheting start a custom order with a pattern or send me a picture of what you want me to make and you will be the adding to my experience and my shop items. Many of my items are started by a customer that did just that! I am just starting here on Aftcra but I've been making and selling my "Krochet" treasures since 2014 on Etsy here but I'm hoping to make this my new home!