Whiskey Barrel Chunks, 10 pound box, price includes shipping
Now your grilling and smoking can benefit from the same American white oak that gives our world famous Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey its great taste. These chunks are made from barrel staves and heads. CHUNKS ARE THE BEST WOOD FOR SMOKING You'll find smoke wood available in chunks, chips, and pellets. Chips and pellets burn hot and fast, releasing smoke in a quick burst. If you use them, you will have to add them several times during the cooking process. Chunks burn slowly and release smoke over a long period of time, and are the choice of most wood smoke users. With chunks you add them just once at the beginning of the process. Our oak Kentucky whiskey barrel chunks will vary in size from small pieces to fist-sized pieces as pictured. Don't settle for a bag of sticks or chips when you can have a box full of real White Oak Kentucky Whiskey Barrel Chunks. 10 pound box. Price includes shipping