Whiskey Barrel Top Twig Table ( free set of twig candle holders with purchase )
From the heart of Bourbon country in central Kentucky. Rustic Bourbon barrel top twig table. This table is hand made by Kentucky craftsman Dan Moffett. Dan has been hand crafting rustic furniture since 1982. Dan use a vintage white oak Kentucky Bourbon whiskey barrel head to make these rustic twig tables. This table is SO strong that it could be used as a stool. Each table is unique, the one you receive will not look exactly like the one pictured. The Bourbon Barrel Head is 21" in diameter. The table is 25 inches tall. The twigs we use on the base are willow, maple, or sassafras. The top has a poly finish. FREE SET OF TWIG CANDLE HOLDERS WITH PURCHASE OF THE TABLE PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING TO LOWER 48 STATES.