Lia of the Pot Dragons
Pot Dragons take on characterics of the plants that share their pots. Sometimes they simply share simiar colors, other times they grow leaf shape ears, or spikes. Rarely do Pot Dragons grow a small flower like horn on their head. Lia isn't not sure she likes being unique. These small dragons bury a single egg in a freshly potted plant. The dragonling that hatches resembles the plant that shares its pot. Once the dragon reaches adulthood, they grow wings and leave their childhood home behind. You may not have even known you had a pot dragon, only to discover one morning that one (or more) of your pots had been knocked over during the night! Measures: roughly 4 inches tall. Weight: roughly 2 oz Materials: Polymer Clay, clay pot, aluminum foil, Glaze and potting soil with a bit of magic.