Ken Colwill Art

"I touch the Universe and the Universe touches me."

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Port Jefferson S, NY
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Ken Colwill
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I'm Ken Colwill, I was born in Manhattan, NY in 1952 and currently live in Port Jefferson Station, NY. I' ve been creating works of art since 1962. The philosophical school of abstract art that I follow is one which I created, it is “Chaotic Abstraction”. This is how I came to it: Metaphysically speaking, God is First Cause. Since God is First Cause God is Creation itself and this is where I look to when I am trying to understand absolute life. God creates out of chaos and out of this chaos comes beauty and balance, this seems, to our finite way of thinking, to be counter intuitive. Humankind believes to be able to find balance we must control and order life. We erroneously believe that order will yield balance, it will not because it is counter First Cause. My goal in my paintings is to create chaos within the painting process itself, right there on the canvas, to create beauty and balance. It seems, so far, that the more chaos I create on my canvas during my painting process the better the balance that it creates. This process is a challenging undertaking, which is yielding powerful results.