The Natural Origami Flower Ornament, Christmas Tree Ornament, Christmas Decor, Fan Pull, Origami Ball, Origami Ornament, Wedding Decoration
Kusudama balls are made by folding a single sheet of origami paper into a "petal" for the five petal flower. Once five petals are folded they are combined with glue form the flower. 12 flowers (60 petals) are needed to make one kusudama ball. This beautiful kusudama ball was made with six beautiful traditional designs, and they are printed on brown recycled paper. It comes with white ribbon for hanging. This piece is approx. 4 inches wide. The ribbon for hanging is 9 inches long. This would be a beautiful ornament, Christmas tree ornament, room decoration, decorative fan pull, window decoration or wedding decoration. This ornament and all items in my shop are made in a smoke free home and studio. ***There will be some variation in the paper and paper placement used on each ball because the pieces are handmade and placed, so please expect some variation from the picture.****