Melissa Rose Toner for Normal to Dry skin
Melissa Rose Toner for normal to dry skin A refreshing astringent lotion formulated to clarify the complexion, tighten pores, and deep clean the skin. The enchanting and delicate scent of rose and lavender makes this toner a pleasure to use. Melissa Rose Toner is a soothing toning lotion formulated especially to nourish dry skin without stripping its natural oils. It is full of vitamins and minerals, has a light floral scent, and is much less harsh than conventional toners. This toner has a very low alcohol content. This toner has approximately 8% alcohol from the Witch Hazel. Relative to many other toners, this is a very low alcohol content. Excess alcohol in a toner can be damaging, drying, or irritating, especially to sensitive skin. How To Use After washing, apply toner to face with a cotton-ball. Allow the face to dry, so that your skin absorbs all of the nutritious compounds supplied by the extraordinary plants listed below. Follow with an appropriate moisturizer for a complete skin care routine. This product can be sprayed as a mist. 4 oz.