Oregano Compound Oil
Oregano Compound Oil The active constituents of the herb Oregano (Origanum vulgare), such as Carvacrol, are highly potent antiseptics. Even a tiny amount of Oregano essential oil quickly and naturally eliminates a wide variety of pathogens such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites and viruses. Recent studies suggest that it is useful during periods of colds and influenza and for a wide variety of fungal, parasitic, and viral infections. Our product is a blend of organic sunflower and olive oils infused with fresh oregano flowers and leaves, and 10% oregano essential oil. This dilution of the essential oil makes it safer than pure essential oil and just as and effective. Pease note that our Oregano Oil is ALREADY diluted with certified organic olive and sunflower oils. It is NOT a pure essential oil. This dilution makes it a safer product than the pure oregano essential oil, and makes it ready to use immediately. Historically, Greek physicians used oregano essential oil for wounds, headaches, and venomous bites and even hemlock poisoning. It wasn't long before its medicinal benefits were used to treat lung conditions, bronchitis, sinusitis, and cold symptoms including cough. During the seventeenth century, it was heralded throughout Great Britain as an effective remedy for head colds. Used by physicians to induce menstruation as early as the nineteenth century, the benefits of oregano essential oil have captured the interest of contemorary researchers. Oregano oil has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiseptic properties. For external use, oregano oil is valued as a strong analgesic and antirheumatic agent. The oil is also believed to reduce the discomfort associated with insect bites. Its powerful anti-microbial properties are said to assist in the prevention of infections and to treat skin fungi such as athlete's foot. It has also been used to eliminate lice infestations and intestinal worms. For General use: Massage into nasal passages, onto lips or affected areas several times daily or use as a bath oil. Do not use while pregnant. For External, Topical Use: - Apply a thin layer to nasal, neck, and lip areas as a protective barrier against germs and infection - To topically treat fungal infections on skin and nails, apply with a cotton swab to the affected area up to three times a day. - For use in the bath, place 1 teaspoon of oil in hot running water. For Internal Use: - For dental pain or infection, apply with a cotton swab up to three times daily. - For Candida infections, apply with a cotton swab up to three times daily. - To treat colds, flu, and fungal infections, put 5 drops of oil in a few ounces of water or juice and drink/gargle once or twice a day. 1-2 drops may also be placed under the tongue twice a day. - You can safely apply Oregano Oil to your teeth and gums for infection, canker sores, or inflamed gums. It also kills the bacteria that cause plaque, so you might like to try adding a drop to your toothpaste before brushing your teeth. - Oregano Oil contains natural antihistamines and decongestants. For use a a decongestant and anti-allergy, put 5 drops of oil in an few ounces of water or juice and drink/gargle once or twice a day. 1-2 drops may also be placed under the tongue twice a day. Ingredients: *olea europea, olive oil, *helianthus, Sunflower Oil, *Origanum vulgare, fresh Oregano, Mixed Tocopherols (non-GMO certified Tocobiol* vitamin E), *Oregano (Origanum vulgare) Essential Oil *The percentage of this product which is made from organic plant materials is 100%.. An *asterisk indicates the various organic ingredients we used in the formulation of this product. These were either wild-crafted, or grown under the care of a certified organic farmer without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other poisonous chemicals. This product contains no commercial fragrances. This product has received a rating of “1” from EWG. This is a rating system from the Environmental Working Group. A rating of "1" indicates that this product has little if any know health risks associated with its ingredients. Test on Animals – Never! Karen's Botanicals has never tested our products on animals. =========================================================================================================== Product Reviews it works 5 Star Review Posted by Alice Ripple on 30th Sep 2014 A co worker had a problem with her lips- they were dry, burned and swollen so I brought the Oregano oil for her and it and she said it felt better right away and after a couple days it was fine. Some things at work affect my one nostril and it cracks and its uncomfortable and its helping that also. I use it with my toothpaste too---I think its a winner!! best oil around 5 Star Review Posted by henrietta statham on 20th Sep 2014 This oregano oil is truly wonderful. I put a little in my bath and soak in it. The fragrance is clean and health giving without being medicinal. My skin feels nourished and there is no oily residue. It also acts to open up the nasal passages and makes breathing easier if you have a cold or allergies. My husband has psoriasis and he finds it very soothing and healing. "Great" 5 Star Review Posted by DTE on 31st Aug 2014 I like that it's ALREADY diluted with certified organic olive and sunflower oils. oh the scent of this oil 5 Star Review Posted by henrietta statham on 30th Jun 2014 I never loved an oil so much. I put a little in my bath, and rub it directly onto my skin. It soaks in quickly and smell is so fantastic. Natural and pungent oregano.Bliss.