Grandma's Old Fashioned Vintage Homestead Tallow Soap and Stain Remover
This is a Unique listing for "Grandma's" Homestead Old Fashioned Tallow Soap. Aged for the last 30+ years this soap was gifted to me to be redistributed for all to appreciate. Grandma as I call her had a Pantry shed full of these gems, stockpiled and put away for many a year, made the old fashioned way, using water,lye and tallow. (She wont give away all of her recipe). Back in the day these cakes had many uses, not like today. Back then not only were they the household soap, they were used as a stain remover, ring around the collar,oil stains, etc, and as a laundry detergent too, just shred up a slice or so, and whoolah, better than any store bought concotion. I've tried this, and believe me it works.These are special, made with hard work and love, I know you'll enjoy them. Set comes with 3 cakes, and beautifully wrapped (non scented) This listing is for one set of soap From Deb M. (See Reviews) .What a treasure! These are wonderful old fashion soaps. They are so beautifully wrapped you will love them. I want to keep them for show they are are beautiful! Also bought her Lavender and Lilac soap. My whole bathroom smells like a Lavender Field. Elizabeth is a phenomenal soap maker and an absolute doll to deal with!!!