Feral Man-Second Edition to the "Women Who Run With The Wolves" Inspired Collectors Series Of Soaps.
Introducing the Second Edition to the "Women Who Run With The Wolves" line of Soaps, this is, "Feral Man" He is Bold, Brazen and exceptionally strong,made of Earth and all of it's Elements,the leader of his pack and the first to sacrifice his needs for others. Scented of Earthy tones,and Deep Valley Greens,incorporated with hints of Sandalwood,Organic Coffee from the Earth and Saturated with Mild hues of Black Wolf Moon Musk oil, Bentonite Clay and Vitamin E. Bars weigh approx.4.5 oz. each, price reflected is per bar. Each bar is Individually Handcrafted, sizes and shapes may vary. See also the whole "Feral" line of Soaps,including Feral Woman, and Feral Child.