Beanie Hat Watch Cap Hand Knitted from Hand Dyed 100% Wool - WINSTON by Kat
WINSTON is part of our Oregon Town Series. For you football fans out there, Troy Polamalu (he played in Super Bowl XL, Super Bowl XLIII and Super Bowl XLV) graduated from Winston High School. Kat knitted this hat in a stretchy rib pattern to fit most sizes. The yarn is 100% Wool, hand-dyed (by Kat) in shades of orange. This item is unique because: Only enough yarn has been hand-dyed for this hat. Much care and work has gone into this hat, and it should be hand washed. Hand-washing is actually rather simple: Put the item in a sink with warm water and a little bit of detergent or shampoo and let it sit for a little. Gently knead it a bit, rinse and gently wring it, and roll it into a towel to absorb the remaining moisture. Then let it air dry flat. Please do not hang it up to dry. It might stretch because wool is a natural fiber. For hand-dyed items, you can put a little bit of vinegar into the rinse for better color retention.