Slouch Beanie Beret Hat Hand Knitted - HORSETAIL FALLS by Kat
HORSETAIL FALLS is part of our Waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge series. The shape of the falls and the rounded rock-face over which it flows cause it to resemble a horse's tail. Kat knitted this hat in a beret-style for a slouch effect. The yarn is super-soft Nylon in blue shades with a velvety feel, and the brim/band is light blue Acrylic. This item is unique because: The light blue yarn has been imported from Europe; it was never available in the US. Much care and work has gone into this hat, and it should be hand washed. Hand-washing is actually rather simple: Put the item in a sink with warm water and a little bit of detergent or shampoo and let it sit for a little. Gently knead it a bit, rinse and gently wring it, and roll it into a towel to absorb the remaining moisture. Then let it air dry flat. Please do not hang it up to dry. It might stretch because wool is a natural fiber. For hand-dyed items, you can put a little bit of vinegar into the rinse for better color retention.