Mummy Halloween Decor, Mummys, Collectible Bottles
This is our newest Mummy " I Want My Mummy " Glass Bottle He is 12" tall, decorated with gauze, wood eye's & nose, he has a wood tag around the neck of the bottle, that read's I Want My Mummy. The tag hangs from Jute. He is sealed so the wrapping will not fall off. Our decorated bottles make great props for Halloween, the photo's show the Mummy with 2 of our other bottles we sale, HOWEVER they are SOLD SEPARATE ! I know you will Love our creations, they have a Whimsy side to them & they make great conversation piece's. ALL BOTTLES ARE ONE OF A KIND PIECE'S Halloween Mummy Decor, Mummy Bottles, Decorated Bottles, Mummys, I Want My Mummy