Carolina Blue Jump Rope
Welcome to Jumpropeia where the fun never ends! Time for some classic summer family fun, when was the last time you found yourself jumping rope? Get back to basics with our Carolina Blue Sky jump rope. Jumping rope combines play with exercise that you can do alone or with friends. Be fit, get your heart rate up, lose weight, run, skip and jump but most of all just have fun! The only thing you need is one of our colorful handmade jump ropes. This is a great all around jump rope for adults and children. This is our Blue Sky skipping rope, made with love using 100% light blue and white acrylic yarn and measuring approximately 7' in length. Note to parents: Be safe. Ropes of any kind should be used with adult supervision. Not intended for use by children under 3 years old. Start jumping today! *NOTE: The jump rope you receive may not be exactly as pictured, but will be as close a copy as handcrafting will allow. It's a one-of-a-kind! This jump rope is also available in 5', 8' and 11' lengths.