1970's Classic Tie Dye Jump Rope
Did you know that jumping rope makes a great workout? It’s time for you to get fit the fun way! Jumping rope increases your heart rate and is a great cardio workout as you skip, jump and hop all afternoon long. 
 This colorful classic 7' tie-dye jump rope is just what you need to make exercise time fun! This unique design is inspired by the groovy 1970’s and is created with 100% acrylic yarn. This beautiful yarn is bursting with color and will instantly put you in a great mood! We all need a little extra color in our day! When you are not exercising, jumping rope is a fun activity to do with your friends or children. Picture yourself on a beautiful spring day, jumping rope in the beautiful sunshine. Enjoy the quality time with friends and family with this great activity! Features: ~100% acrylic yarn ~Measures 7 feet 

Note to parents: Be safe. Ropes of any kind should be used with adult supervision. Not intended for use by children under 3 years old.
 It’s time to start jumping today! This jump rope is also available in a 5' length.