Dog Toy, Blue and Yellow Fleece I Want To Play Tug-O-War
Give your dog a toy they will love, our I Want To Play Tug-O-War fleece dog toy is a very durable toy that can be used for tug-of-war, fetch, or something to chew on! Our I Want To Play Tug-O-War dog toy is approximately 12" from knot to knot and made with blue and yellow fleece. Fleece tugs are a great alternative to the rope toys because with rope toys the small fibers of rope can be ingested and end up all over your house. Fleece holds up better and is softer on the gums. Another great benefit of fleece is when it gets too much slobber on it, just toss it in the wash! Our I Want To Play Tug-O-War dog toy is made with blue and yellow fleece that is stretchy enough to provide ample "give" during a game of tug of war, but the weave is put together so tight that your pup won't find a lot of easy areas to chew apart. These can be completely customized. Just tell me what colors you would like (up to 4) and your furry friend will have a new toy in just a few days. Tested and loved by many dogs, big and small. Our dogs fight over it all the time! They make great gifts for other furry friends in your life too! Please remember that even though these toys are made to hold up to a lot of wear and tear, no toy can be completely indestructible, so please supervise your dog whenever they are playing with any dog toy!