POST Conch Pierced Cartilage Earring ROSE Gold Body PIercing Cartilage Hoop Body Jewelry Hammered Ear Cuff Piercing Middle Ear E1RGFHMPOST
This POST Conch PIERCED Earring is Handcrafted in 14K ROSE Gold Filled Hammered material 7 mm, (1/4") wide, curved 15mm (9/16”) in diameter and polished to a perfect shine. It is sold as a one piece single earring style, not a pair. ***NOTE: This listing is for a PIERCED Conch Earring WITH a POST soldered on for a piercing. Please SELECT your choice for the THICKNESS Gauge of the POST from the drop down menu above. STANDARD thickness for a conch earring post is 16 gauge (1.29mm) A regular stud earring post is THINNER at 20 gauge (0.91mm) A MEDIUM thickness between the two is an 18 gauge post (1.16mm) A THICKER post is 14 gauge (1.84mm) (**IF YOU WANT A NON-PIERCED version WITHOUT A POST, please see our other shop sections noted below.) This Hoop style CONCH PIERCED Earring with POST is adjustable for a perfect fit and can be worn on either ear, but is sold as a one piece single earring style. If you want to order more than one item and there is only one item listed, please send us an email with the listing number and we will quickly change the quantity of the item for you. Cuff it! A unique single earring concept for those who want to add an earring's beauty and style. *Gold Filled will not wear off or tarnish. It is NOT plated. It is high quality 14/20 14K Gold Filled. Now also available in 14K ROSE Gold Filled at a great price! For our smaller MINI Cartilage Helix Hoop Earring POST STYLE for upper ear conch piercings see **For alternative MINI Ear Cuff Cartilage Clip NON-Pierced version see **For regular full size NON-Pierced Ear Cuffs see *14K Gold Filled Jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure, to a base metal such as brass. High quality Gold-Filled pieces have the look, luster, and beauty of 14 karat gold. Remember the quality difference: Gold content in high quality 14K Gold Filled items are 50 to 100,000 times greater than gold plating. NOTE METAL OPTIONS: Most of my work is also available in Solid 14K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold, or in 14K Yellow or Rose Gold Filled, and in Sterling Silver, and in optional Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver that will wear and look like White Gold. CUSTOM ORDER CONCH: This full size conch earring fits around the middle cartilage as shown in the listing and the hoop diameter is 15mm or 9/16" as described. If you have a CONCH PIERCING farther inside the lobe and need a LARGER or SMALLER hoop, you may specify the dimensions and I will make it. CONTACT ME FOR CUSTOM OPTIONS: PLEASE use the ETSY LINK displaying underneath the photo above in this listing to: "Request a custom order and have something made just for you." OR Contact me directly with questions thru ETSY CONVERSATIONS. ****Do NOT first buy a listing and then use the “note from buyer” to request a change as I will not see it. I personally handcraft my work, construct it to last a lifetime, form and polish it to a perfect finish. ©1973-2016 Designer: Carl Buehler