Lava Bead Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet/Adjustable/Bracelet/Calming/Essential Oil/Essential Oil Diffuser
Lava stone jewelry is quite the rage right now, and for good reason. Lava stones have long been celebrated thanks to their holistic, grounding potential for those who wear them. Reportedly ideal for grounding the root chakra, lava stones are considered emotionally and spiritually beneficial, owing in part to their connection to the center of the Earth. After all, lava stones are simply cooled lava, or molten rock that originates from the Earth’s core. One of the best ways to enhance this already effective natural element is to incorporate other organic properties lauded for their positive effect on physical, emotional, and mental health. We’re talking about essential oils and while there is a wealth to choose from, the following six are considered the most popular choices for combatting anxiety and alleviating the effects of stress. How to Use Essential Oils with Lava Stone Bracelets Before we introduce the most popular anti-anxiety essential oils, it’s important to understand how to utilize these oils with your lava bracelet. It’s simple! All you need to do is place 2-3 drops of your favorite oil on one or two of the lava rocks and let the stones do the diffusing for you. A helpful hint: use a cotton swab to dab the oil onto the stone, rather than attempting to drip the essential oil drops onto the stone directly. The cotton swab makes for a cleaner process and saves you from wasting any of your precious essential oil. Waste not, want not! Although lava stones do a fabulous job of binding the oil within them and diffusing the scent effectively, after a few days, the scent will wear off, giving you a chance to try another one or refresh your favorite.