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This Beaded Suncatcher Curtain will bring whimsical, dancing light into your home or office. Each strand is securely held with a lanyard clasp clipped to a 36 in steel chain. Steel rings are spaced throughout the chain to allow for a more flowing movement. This can be mounted with a strong curtain rod or dowel. These curtains have alot of weight to them, so a standard curtain rod is not suggested. This curtain is not mass-produced, it is apparent in the quality and craftsmanship. I make each of these by hand. At least 40 hours to make these beautiful one of a kind curtains. Equivalent to $12.50 a strand. Most go for $22 and up. Same quality, no corners cut. SPECIFICATIONS FOR THIS CURTAIN: NUMBER OF STRANDS: 32 AVERAGE LENGTH: 36 INCHES   -------------------------------- Glass, Gemstone, Crystal, Acrylic