I Whisper "WHAT THE F*CK" To Myself ...... - Resin Tile Magnets
BEAUTIFUL HIGH QUALITY RESIN TILE MAGNETS Item: Resin Tile Magnets - I Whisper "WHAT THE FUCK" To Myself Atleast 20 Times A Day Size: 2 x 2 inches in size Materials: Ceramic Tiles, Cardstock Paper, Resin, Magnet Quantity - Set of 2 These HIGH QUALITY magnets are made using Ceramic Tiles and HIGH GLOSS Resin for shine and great durability. The process takes a few days so please allow me ample time to make them when you order. They make a wonder gift for any occasion and they are made to last :-) It also has an industrial size magnet on the back so it will adhere to any Refridgerator or metal surface. Please note : Your design will vary from tile to tile. Hand Washable.