Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 7 1/2 inch Charm Bracelet - Once Upon A Time
BEAUTIFUL HIGH QUALITY CHARM BRACELET *** I am the ORIGINAL Wizard of Oz Charm Bracelet maker *** Item: NEW Alice in Wonderland "Once Upon A Time" Charm Bracelet Size: Approx. 7 1/2 inches in size Materials: Silver Metal Charms: Each Charm is approx. 1 inch in size (30 Charms) Once Upon A Time Book Caterpillar Cheshire Cat Queen Mushroom Alice Rabbit Queen's Castle Chess piece Butterfly Queen's Crown King's Crown Heart Flamingo Home Sweet Home sign Key Cupcake Spoon Tea bag Tea Kettle Queen's Throne Fan Gloves Tree Pocket Watch Playing Cards Goblet Mouse Flower Made with Love charm ***** GIFT BOXED *****