Artistic Jasper Triple Strand Stacked Beaded Bracelet w/ Adjustable Length
Artistic Jasper beaded stacked bracelet with adjustable sizing. Made with 10mm round gemstones and enhanced with an assortment of different sized gold accent beads. The crab claw clasp is adjustable to a larger size. Artistic Jasper gemstones have picturesque earth tone colors such as black, brown, yellow and cream. Size 7.75 (Adjustable) My Sizing is based on wrist size not bracelet length. Wrist Measurements: X-Small = 6 to 6 ½ Small = 6 ½ to 6 ¾ Medium = 7 to 7 ¼ Large = 7 ½ to 7 ¾ X-Large = 8 to 8 ¾ The mineral jasper is a type of quartz. The stones display an amazing range of natural colors, patterns and shapes which may vary slightly, giving each bead unique characteristics. To learn more about Jasper Gemstone history and folklore please visit my welcome page. Find more charming bracelets in my shop at