Payment Policy

We accept all Major Credit Cards, as well as Paypal.

Shipping Policy

What is standard shipping time? We ship USPS First Class 2-5 day shipping. Once your order is placed, and paid for, make time is normally 2-4 days out depending on the number of orders in front of you as a few other factors. Again, everything we make is hand made by us, sometimes we get backed up. If we expect a longer make time than 4 days we will let you know once your order is placed. Can you rush an order? Typically, yes. If you need an order rushed just let us know that in your initial email and we will add that to your quote. $20 is our rush fee, which ensures it is ready next day and bumps shipping up to 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail. What if my package doesn't come by the expected delivery date? Please be patient & track the shipment. We will provide a tracking number with every purchase, located in Paypal (and normally sent through email also). If you haven't gotten your package in a timely manner, please let us know & we will see what we can do to help.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Do you offer refunds on custom items? On Custom or worn items, no. If you are having an issue or aren't satisfied just send us a message and we will see what we can do to help. Do you offer any type of warranty? Yes. We include a 60 day guarantee on all craftmanship. If your order arrives damaged or defective just send us an email and we will get you taken care of! I had a gemstone break on my necklace. Is this normal?Can you fix it? Gemstones are fragile. If enough force is applied they will break. We always suggest being as careful as possible with your pieces. Amber , as well as several gemstones we carry, are very fragile and can break if dropped or handled to roughly. We ensure that the beads we place on your items are quality items and if handled properly they should not break. We do have a replacement fee, if you would like to get an item restrung. My toddler pulled on his necklace, and broke it. Does this warrant a replacement? Unfortunately, no. Our toddler necklaces are made with silk string, and knotted, so that if enough force is applied it will break. This is a safety feature. This is exactly what is supposed to happen if enough force is applied. This does not warrant a new or discounted rate for replacement. We can however work with you on an individual basis to create or restring a new one.

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