Baltic Amber and Tourmaline Healing Bracelet
This 100% real baltic amber and tourmaline bracelet measures approximately 7". Amber is actually a fossilized tree resin and has been used as a medical ailment as far back as 50 million years or so. Because Baltic amber has around 3-10% succinic acid, you may also hear it referred to by succinite. Succinic acid is an antioxidant and also helps to control the acidity in your body. Since time began, people have searched for natural medicine to cure anything and everything. One of those items being Baltic amber. It has unique properties & is still believed in today to help treat teething pains, arthritis, aide in pharmaceuticals, joint pain, arthritic ailments, helps neural system recovery, supports the immune system, helps stop buildups of harmful oxidants, provides energy, and has also been widely used in the cosmetic field. Tourmaline is a light stone that brings happiness and positive emotions. This gemstone helps with skin disorders, as well as inflammation and carpal tunnel. Tourmaline is helpful to those that have heart issues, healing physically and emotionally. This mix would be perfect for one battling arthritis. While healing stones have been used for many years for many different issues, and still are today, this is not to be used in place of medical advice. With any medical concern always consult a doctor.