Successful Love Therapeutic Aid
This is a Raw Emerald Therapeutic Aid Pendant weighing in at approximately 40 carats. You want to wear Emerald to attract successful love, and keep it once you have found it. This raw precious stone has been long believed to also ensure a happy marriage, while opening and nurturing the heart, it enhances relationships on all levels. It brings inspiration, patience, unity, compassion, unconditional love, promotes friendship, providing domestic bliss, and loyalty. It brings a calm to one's emotions, aids in mental clarity, brings harmony and focus, eliminates negativity, and provides enormous inspiration spiritually. This has been long believed to help epilepsy, warding off fevers and preventing seizures (I use emerald in a personal seizure mix for my daughter). It helps to treat disorders of the heart, lungs, and muscular system; aids in recovery after illness, helps sinuses, improves vision, and helps alleviate diabetes and rheumatism. This precious stone pendant measures approximately 1 1/2" in total length, with the raw Emerald measuring approximately 1 1/8" by 3/4". This is the actual Pendant you will be purchasing. While healing stones have been used for years for many different issues, and still are today; This is not medical advice or to be used in lieu of. With any medical concern always consult a doctor. This healing jewelry is made to be worn and used in addition to your doctors orders or prescriptions. Do not substitute this for medical care.