Mothering and Goddess Therapeutic Aid
This raw Moonstone weighs in at approximately 130 carats. This is a great calming piece that is most beneficial for females to help bring the female reproductive system to optimum functioning prior to conception. It helps to balance the hormonal cycles, alleviate PMS symptoms, aids in conception, pregnancy, childbirth, as well as breastfeeding. This helps overly aggressive females find a gentler side, stabilizes the emotions, soothes stress, provides calmness, and intensifies the feminine "goddess" energy. This measures at approximately 2 1/2" in total length, with the main moonstone measuring approximately 1 3/4" by 1" w/ a thickness of 5/8". This is the actual Pendant you will be purchasing. While healing stones have been used for years for many different issues, and still are today; This is not medical advice or to be used in lieu of. With any medical concern always consult a doctor. This healing jewelry is made to be worn and used in addition to your doctors orders or prescriptions. Do not substitute this for medical care.