Grounding/ Calming Therapeutic Aid Pendant
This "tree of life" style pendant is made with raw Green Calcite as the center stone, amethyst within the tree, and sunstone as an accent. This mix is a grounding and calming aid. It increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds. This is a great "overall health" mix helping ground emotional and mental issues, strengthening the immune system, assisting in addiction and compulsive disorders, relieving stress and anxiety, healing malignancies, soothing irritability, balancing mood swings, dispels anger, boost hormone production, ease headaches and tension, and protects the wearer from harm. This pendant measures approximately 2 1/4" in total length, with the main calcite stone measuring approximately 1 1/2" by 1 1/2". This is the actual Pendant you will be purchasing. While healing stones have been used for years for many different issues, and still are today; This is not medical advice or to be used in lieu of. With any medical concern always consult a doctor. This healing jewelry is made to be worn and used in addition to your doctors orders or prescriptions. Do not substitute this for medical care.