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Jae's Gems was founded in 2014. Our team consists of two people, a husband and wife team, James and Melissa. We are just a small family of 3. Our journey began shortly after our daughter was born, when a friend gave us a Baltic Amber necklace for our teething child, who of course was horribly cranky and slobbery. We noticed an almost immediate calmness to her that we hadn't seen in a while, and even noticed a slight decrease in drool. I thought this is just a coincidence..... And decided to buy myself one, to see if it would indeed help my migraines as all the research said it would. When my next migraine arose, I placed my Amber necklace around my neck, and was AMAZED that in less than 15 minutes I was back to my normal self (which normally took a couple of hours, or sometimes even days). Since that day, I have done countless hours of research on not only Baltic Amber, but also Hazelwood, and several gemstones as well. What started out as just gemstone and amber therapeutic jewelry, has now evolved into a larger business of not only jewelry, but healing balms and hand etched items as well. Everything sold here, is hand made, hand etched, hand stamped, or personally pieced together by one of us. If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT us anytime. P.S.- My husband, James, was the biggest non believer in gemstone therapy when I started this journey. He had horrible sinus issues that he was medicating for daily. I came up with a specific mix for his specific issues and begged him to "Just wear a bracelet, try it out", he finally agreed to wear it around the house "just to see". He hasn't taken his bracelet off since, other to test the theory, and is one of my biggest supporters when it comes to word of mouth and showing off his allergy aid bracelet. It has changed our lives & allowed us to naturally treat our everyday symptoms!
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