Original  Absrtact Watercolor Painting with Pen and Ink Drawing of Poppies on a Multicolored background in a Handmade soild wood maple frame
From the gardens of the Brooklyn Botanical gardens comes this Image. I had taken a trip with my hubby when we first arrived here in Brooklyn. The colors of the gardens were so bright and beautiful and the sunshine on our face so warm. These poppies were at the bottom of a great lawn they have where you can sit in the sunshine and take in the beauty around you. It has since become one of my favorite spots here in Brooklyn. In this painting I wanted to capture all the vibrant colors of the gardens and the still beauty I found in the poppies just resting in the sunshine. The horizontal lines are reminiscing of the pond I found behind the poppies. The Ink drawing of the poppies give them just the right amount of viability from colorful the background. This painting in your home will be a beautiful reminder of peace and vibrancy and how we don’t need to out shine everything to be noticed, but simply be ourselves and do what we were made to do. It is painted with watercolors on watercolor paper, and drawn with ink. It comes matted and with a handmade (by my husband) solid maple wooden frame. The Frame is 9.5 x 10.5 inches with the image size being 4.25 X 5.75 inches It will come to you wrapped in fabric and tied with a bow. It will be a perfect way to give it as a gift to someone else or to yourself. On the back I have placed a self-leveling hanging system to make installation quick and easy to alleviate frustrations for you. You just have to put the nail in the wall where you would like the painting to hang and it does the rest of the work for you. I also cut the mat myself and installed it with care. The picture does not come with glass, as I have found that it breaks easily in transportation and often creates a glare in most settings preventing you from seeing the painting clearly. If you would prefer to have glass in the frame you can purchase it from your local frame shop or art store (it will cost about $10 maybe less). To care for your painting, it will need a light dusting every now and then which you can use a soft cloth for that is completely dry. I would not recommend placing it anywhere it can get hit by water or in the bathroom where the steam could cause the watercolors to react. If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via etsy or at Jaadin.adele@gmail.com I would also love to have you follow me on Facebook, Jaadin Adele Studio or on Instagram, Jaadin Adele. I hope to hear from you soon!