Jaadin Adele Studio

Capturing Life's Beauty

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Brooklyn, NY
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Jaadin Andersen
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Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Pause on the moment you are in. Think of beauty, what does that look like, where do you find it? When you open your eyes can you find a beautiful image, outline, shape, color, or texture in the space around you? These small moments when we pause and find beauty, are what I aim to capture. I want to create space for you to pause, to experience beauty, to have the ability to take a deep breath in what you are viewing. I strive to capture the beauty I find in the world around me in a raw un-cluttered form, taking colors, shapes and forms and reducing them farther still and recombining them again to allow for a new way of seeing these parts combined as a whole. Exploring how parts can be repeated, shifted, inverted to become something new yet still hold their unique qualities. I use those parts to create a layered experiences of the beauty I see. Using watercolors lends itself well to the repetition and layering of colors, shapes, and forms. It allows for depth and the creation of space while still maintaining fluid and uniting qualities. The placement of ink over the watercolor gives a grounding yet uniting feature that brings a stability to the work, giving it definition yet inviting movement.