SPECTROLITE LABRADORITE PENDANT -  Flashy Teardrop Labradorite in a Copper Wire Weave. Thoughtful Gift
Spectrolite Labradorite Pendant - This Wire Wrapped Brilliant Colored Stone is typical of the Spectrolite variety. Flashing blue and gold in bright light and this stone also is very lovely in lower light situations! The teardrop labradorite is mounted to give the best color, the nontraditional mounting position also gives it a bit more interest. This pendant would make a wonderful gift for any occasion and is priced affordably. This type of jewelry is the not cookie cutter jewelry found in most stores. It is unique, hand crafted and a one of a kind piece. I am also providing a simple satin necklace so this pendant can be worn immediately. At some time I suggest you provide this beautiful item a more permanent necklace. I am also enclosing a cleaning and care sheet. To see all my other beautiful Labradorite pendants visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/JALUniqueWireJewelry Introduction to labradorite's light characteristics Labradorite appears almost alive when it flashes and catches the light from different angles. The color can intensify and change with any movement and directional change in the light. The stone without this reflective light can be dark gray, a translucent light gray or almost clear. It flashes and colors as light is reflected back from the stone. This flash is what we all love about this Labradorite…it seems to glow from the inside and each stone has its own personality and color. Metaphysical - information Labradorite has been considered a stone of transformation, helping one through change, providing strength and perseverance. It is considered a balancing stone and protects the aura, increases consciousness and grounds your spirituals energies. It is suggested that it may also strength intuition and promotes your psychic abilities.