Dendrite Agate Pendant - Lacy Copper Weave - Unique Hand Made Jewelry
Delicate Agate Pendant (also called Dendrite agate) has a clean green dendrite pattern through the stone. The pendant is medium sized, done in copper wire and is an open weave that shows off this stone from all angles. This item has a delicate look about it due to the more open weave and the fresh bright colors. A wonderful gift for any woman for any occasion! The wire work is 99.9 % pure of copper. It has also received a protective coating to aid in scratch protection and helps reduce further oxidation of the wire. This coating is not considered permanent but will last years with proper care. I will provide a temporary satin necklace which will allow you to immediately wear your jewelry. This will give you time to find a more permanent necklace to fit the this piece. Cleaning instructions will also be enclosed. Crystal Meanings: Said to assist in introspection and self-discovery. It may provide a wider viewpoint of the world. Bountiful crops and prosperity, and an abundance of love. Tree Agate is associated with good fortune.