Agatized Coral Pendant - FOSSIL CORAL JEWELRY -  Necklace looks like a flower garden. Unique gift for woman
Agatized Coral Pendant made of fossilized coral. The stone is oval and has a lovely pattern on both sides. It was wrapped in such a way either side may be present outward. Wear either side to display the different views of your own natural flower garden. One of a kind pendant. The wire is the purest copper available and has been antiqued for that soft, warm dramatic look. This pendant is the perfect gift for anyone who wants something different! It has also been treated to reduce scratching and slow continued metal oxidation. I am also providing a simple satin necklace so this pendant can be worn immediately. At some time I suggest you provide this beautiful item a more permanent necklace. with this purchase I am also enclosing provided a cleaning and care sheet.