Handmade Walking Stick / Cane Unique Golf Club Handle Solid Hardwood 32" Long
This Unique Golf Club Cane is all handmade out of Oakwood, solid and very strong! All my canes / walking sticks are unique, no two are alike. If you're a retired Golfer you can still cary that old wood around with you. It also provides a means of personal protection if needed. This one is 32" long and can be cut down to the Length you need. The wood is the natural color with spotting to match the golf club head. Gloss finish to preserve the wood. HANDCRAFTED: All my canes and walking sticks are made using only Hardwoods. Completely Handcrafted, from start to finish. Sanded several times using different grits of sandpaper by hand until smooth. Protective finishes will be either a Satin or Gloss coating essential in preserving the wood. The Golf Club Head is reinforced with a steel rod going into the wood for strength and set into a metal band. These canes are incredibly strong and will not break under normal intended use. Ergonomic Golf Club Handle is not detachable and won't come lose like so many others I see! HARDWOODS USED: Applewood, Maplewood, Oakwood, Shag Bark Hickory, and Walnut. Note: Make sure you know what length is right for you as these are made in various lengths. If too long, rubber tip can be removed and cane can be cut to your desired length! Ships to USA only!