Pipe Tool/Tamper
About a year ago, I had a whim to make myself an attractive and useful replacement to the ubiquitous gooey bobby pin, end of a coat hanger, or toothpick that most every smoker has in their kit. When I put some photos online, I got a very encouraging response; and so I spent my spare time making several for friends, and making the tools I needed to produce them in quantity. This is the result. These pipe tools are hand shaped from cold rolled steel rods, and coated in an enamel clear coat to prevent rust. Perfect for the smoking enthusiast in your life. **These are NOT intended to be heated up** While they are perfectly fine for moving down the bits stuck to the sides of a burning bowl, prolonged exposure to high heat will cause the release of oxides. They can be used to gather and move dabs of concentrate, but only titanium is safe to use as the heated surface.