Organic Deodorant - Lavender & Tea Tree (Aluminum Free)
This organic deodorant is aluminum-free and completely non-toxic! Odor is stopped naturally by coconut oil, beeswax and organic lavender and tea tree essential oils which are naturally anti-bacterial (bacteria is what makes you stink!) The shea butter is very moisturizing and soothing to the sensitive armpit area. No sulfates, GMOs or other poisons. This formula doesn't have baking soda in it, since many people have a reaction to it. Both lavender and tea tree essential oils are known for their anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-septic and deodorant properties. Tea tree oil is also anti-fungal. That means they kill the stink! The consistency is similar to that of a stick deodorant, although you do scoop it out with your fingers. For cedarwood & lime deodorant: For sweet orange deodorant: Remember that this is a deodorant, NOT an antiperspirant - sweat helps to remove toxins from your body - so you will continue to sweat, you just won't stink while you do it! If you haven't used natural deodorants before, it is helpful to know that there is an adjustment period. It is best to do a "deodorant detox" for a minimum of three days prior to going natural. This will increase the effectiveness of this natural deodorant by ridding your body of remaining aluminum zirconium from commercial deodorants. I have been using this natural deodorant exclusively for the last few months and find that it works incredibly well! The consistency is fairly firm, like a balm (it will vary slightly from batch to batch and the temperature - hotter weather = softer consistency, cooler weather = firmer consistency.) Simply scoop out a small amount out and apply gently to the armpit area. Reapply as needed. Comes in a reusable food-grade tin. To see my other items, please visit my store: Let me know if you have any questions! "Love the deodorant and want another one please!"