Veterinarian Character Christmas Stocking, Handmade Cartoon Character Xmas Stocking, Lined Holiday Sock,
Child Veterinarian Character Christmas Stocking, Handmade Cartoon Character Xmas Stocking Blue background features a cartoon veterinarian, her stuffed animals, and medical accessories. The stocking has a pink lining and ribbon loop. Each stocking is handmade and lined. They are approximately 6.5" wide at the top and 16" from the top to the bottom of the toe. A ribbon loop is sewn in for hanging. The seams are serged, as well as stitched. Story of my unique stockings: In October 2012, I was affected by Hurricane Sandy. There was no Christmas at my home, as we didn't move back in until January 1, 2013. I wanted one more Christmas in the home my grandfather & father built in 1947. December 2013, I unpacked all the stockings & decorations and realized that while some were wonderful (my mother's baby ornament from 1914), some of the stockings had been around since the 1950's and had seen better days! I retired and moved in 2014 and decided I wanted something new & different for our stockings - no red stock with the glitter name on the fleecy cuff. I decided to make stockings that reminded me of the individual. My son got one with motorcycles; my granddaughter was princesses; my daughter-in-law was purple with glitter; my old black lab got dog bones - I even made one for the evil 'grandcat'. Mine was tropical flowers. I had many compliments on the stockings & friends liked the idea of the stocking itself being meaningful to the owner. Hopefully you will too!