Personalized Signature Quilt, Wedding, Graduation, Anniversary, Baby Shower Gift
A Blessing Quilt that your Guests sign and write a blessing to you at your happy event. ~ 1st Color - You Chose. A great choice would be the color of your wedding. School Color, Anniversary Color, Baby Color. ~ 2nd Color - You Chose, either White or Cream. (the blessings and signatures will show up better on these colors.) ~ 1st Line of Embroidery - For a wedding or Anniversary it could be First Name of Groom & First Name of Bride. For a graduation it could be the first & Last name of recipient. New Baby it could be the first, middle and last name of child. ~ 2nd Line of Embroidery - Wedding Date, Graduation Date, Anniversary Date, Date of Birth. ~ All embroidery will be done in the first color chosen. ~ Comes with a special pen for writing on the quilt so that your blessings will last a life time and not wash out. ~ 100% Cotton Front. ~ Fleece Back ~ Quilted in a Swirl Pattern. ~ Quilted in White Thread. ~ Throw/personal size. measures Aprox. 60" x 60". Accommodates approximately 150 Blessings / Signatures. ~ During checkout please tell me the colors you have chosen for this quilt and the Embroidery for 1st line & 2nd line in the notes section. ~ If you would like this item shipped to a country other than the United States, please send me an email with the destination and I will send you an accurate shipping rate. ~ Thanks for Looking, I look forward to building a great customer relationship with you. ~