Set Of (2) Honey & Oats Loaf Soap
This bar of Handmade soap is made with Real Ground Oats and Local Honey. There is no preservatives added,...Just plain natural goodness and long lasting soap bars. Oatmeal is a great exfoliate and makes a very gentle and mild soap. I use Goat milk and/or Shea Butter, Organic Glycerine and a Dash of Honey in all of my soaps, no water is added. Goat milk is naturally rich in proteins and minerals, softens and moisturizes skin. All of my soaps are made in small batches in the kitchen using high quality all natural ingredients. They are then poured into molds, where they stay for 24 hours, then are cut and put on drying racks & left to cure for 5-6 hours. Because each batch is handmade, the weight varies from 4 ounces to 4.5 ounces.