Set Of (2) Lavender Loaf Soap
This Lavender Soap is full of relaxing and floral ingredients handmade to nurture and sooth your skin. It's made with pure Goat's Milk, Organic Glycerine, Tranquilizing Lavender and a Dash of Honey . Perfect for any time of day, but definitely best before bed! Each Bar of Soap is Handmade right here in Walland, TN! We make sure to use the highest quality ingredients in our soap products and just know you will love it! Each Loaf is cut into 10 Bars which are approx. 5" thick and long lasting...1 bar goes a long way for enjoyment. Main Ingredients: Goat's Milk, Organic Glycerine, Lavender Essential Oil, A Dash of Honey, Dried Lavender