Pet Lover's Paw Print Soap
First things first: this soap is for HUMANS, not animals. We absolutely do not recommend that you use these soaps on animals of any kind. Now that we got that out of the way... How cute are these soaps? 6 randomly selected paw print soaps will make the perfect gift set for that special pet lover in your life! A cute, attractive, funny soap shape that retains all the qualities of the Honey Stream Meadows soap you've come to love and enjoy! For cat owners, dog lovers, or people that just enjoy the company of animals and want to be reminded of how much we need them, this gift is just right. We will select 6 paw print soaps when you place an order; we'll wrap em up and ship them right to you! The soap scents/recipes are the same as the ones we normally offer in bar form. Each paw soap weighs about 1.4 ounces.