Professional, Brooklyn, winter scene, photo, glass pendant
This piece is part of a new collection that was born from a collaboration between myself and my very good friend, Jennifer Huegel-Giacoppo. Jennifer is a very accomplished, professional photographer. She has a lot of high profile shoots under her belt. Her photos are gorgeous because she brings a passion to the art that comes through in everything she shoots. So we talked about combining her photographs with my jewelry to create something new and unique. What we came up with is a unique opportunity for you to wear a piece of original art. This piece is of a winter scene of Marine Park in Brooklyn, NY. It is covered in domed glass, magnifying the beautiful detail, and attached with matching bail and vintage style dot and dash antique gold 24" chain. If you prefer a custom length please contact me BEFORE YOU COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE. This is an uniquely, special piece of jewelry. The piece measures 22mm Wide x 30mm Wide and 6mm thickness. It will certainly be a conversation piece. These necklaces are not created until you place your order so no two are exactly alike. Please allow 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order until you receive it, although depending on order volume it may get to you sooner. If you need it for a specific time I am willing to work with you so please let me know.