Flying Glass Orb: Magnificat Red Flower
Size: about a 5 inche sphere Color: Red, Pink, Green, Dark Red, Yellow Style: Daft Rose Perfectly hanging in a window, from a tree, or in the garden, Its beauty shines and shimmers in bright Sunlight or mild lighting! The flower appears as if its floating from afar. Your guests will wonder in amusement how the flower is attach. This flower is inspired by the ripples that shatter lives in to beautiful new beginning. The red and pink strips represent your flow, your path, the blood of your timeline. The dark red is your struggle and the beauty that follows with it, your friend, your job, your stomach, and all of your love. The yellow is the moments your invincible, the time where the world can only see you as your highest self. It is the time you feel like a god and the reason your the exception. The single leaf is a reminder that your the only one who can like you do you! Personalize it! Get up to 35 characters etched on your item! Please message me for details. The flower is made by Striking reds, and pinks from a borosilicate glass color rod onto a clear tube. The tube is then shattered and the flower petals are made from the shards. The shards are built around a blood red center. Yellow and other colors are added before the flower is removed. The glass orb is blown from a clear tube. The flower is attached to the Orb and the the loop is added. The finished ball is then annealed in a kiln overnight. Thank you for looking at and reading about my art I do my best to inspire you!