Ron Hevener Corgi "The Nonconformist"
NOTE: Early orders can be made with the Mother Corgi and her Special Pup in any special colors you request, provided they are natural for the breed. Dear Corgi Lovers. I wanted you to know about a figurine we are working on called "The Nonconformist". Too many of us in life are just following the crowd (or the crazy social media mob, as the case may be) instead of being brave enough to think for ourselves. In this figurine, the other pups are doing regular puppy things . . . but one of them dares to be different and the Mother knows it . . . This figurine is approximately 6 inches long. Thank you for this opportunity to present a new and very special Hevener Figurine as it is being made for serious collectors of Hand Made art. The Hevener Figurines are collected world-wide -- and they can be found at some of the world's greatest dog and horse shows like Westminster, Crufts and Scottsdale. "On With The Show!" ................... - RH.