15 Pre Rolled Empty Henna Applicator Cones Ready to Fill Henna on your Own
Wondering where you can get perfect Empty pre rolled Henna cone here is the place to go .... Pre-rolled henna cones. Made from cellophane paper. Just fill the cone with paste, tape up the end, and have fun creating beautiful designs with fine lines. Sold 6 or 12 in a pack. Because this is a handmade piece, some imperfections can be visible. I hope you can appreciate each part of my job, even the imperfections, as a piece of art. each can fill almost 20oz henna paste or you can make small according to your required size. Uses: henna paste glitter glue gel glue paint cake icing *colors and patterns of the cones may be random. Very fine tip you can use to draw very thin lines and cut the tip the according to your need.