Thank you for shopping with us. Our goal is to make your shopping experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. If you have any questions not answered in our listings, please feel free to send us a message through Aftcra, we will usually get back to you within 24 hours. Our average day probably starts much like yours. Coffee, breakfast and then off to work. But our work lives right here with us. KNIVES: Clint spends his day split between the workshop and his "clean" station in the house. The average knife and sheath can take 3-4 days to complete. Each blade starts with the best steel. He is very picky about the knife blanks he chooses, and tries whenever possible to buy from US based manufacturers. Each blade is acid etched with our logo and then out to the shop it goes. Grinding, pinning, sanding, the important start to every knife. Then on to the finishing work. After careful inspection, and a lot of hand sanding, the knife handles get their color. Several layers of dye are applied, with sanding in between. Finally the beauty of the grain is perfectly highlighted. The final finish is comprised of three secret (and stinky) ingredients. While he waits for things to dry he works on his leather sheaths, which are designed to fit each individual knife. Molded sheaths require lots of wetting, working and drying time in the oven. Tooled sheaths spend a lot of time being pounded on! Each sheath is color matched to its knife, snaps and conchos added, then is hand stitched. TEXTILES: Roxy starts every batch of tool rolls and bags the same way. Our kitchen doubles as her cut shop! With a folding table, a square and her book of designs she dives into 60" rolls of canvas and huge leather hides. Because of the setup involved, cutting usually takes a full day, but can yield enough components for many bags, and as many as 70 tool rolls. Next, everything is transferred to the sewing room. Using an industrial sewing machine she runs zipper by the mile. Tool rolls are hemmed and turned out by the dozen. The final steps involve inspecting and trimming each piece. Zip wags are added to bags, grommets are set, then things are ready to be photographed. READY FOR MY CLOSEUP: We photograph all our items ourselves. In fine weather, we try to shoot outdoors, using our rustic property as the perfect backdrop. In inclement weather (75% of the time) we use our glassed in porch. Even light, a battered old traveling trunk and a tripod. STORAGE: So, with a 900 square foot house where do we keep all of this stuff? Simple answer....everywhere! Roxy uses all her available wall space to store tool rolls in hanging pockets. Bags and other textiles are folded and packed into tubs that fill our shed in stacks. Clint's knives are stored inside the house as they take up a LOT less space! ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE: We generally end our day the simple way. We enjoy our beverage of choice and talk about our projects, show each other what we worked on that day, and brainstorm new ideas. We love to cook and often enjoy preparing supper together. The next day....we do it all again.

Payment Policy

We accept PayPal and major credit cards.

Shipping Policy

We ship through the USPS, with tracking information provided at time of shipment. We automatically insure items valued at over $50. We combine shipping when you buy multiple items. Any shipping overcharge exceeding $1 will be refunded at the time your shipping label is created. If you have any special requests regarding shipping upgrades please contact us BEFORE you purchase. A NOTE ON INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: We stand by our fast shipping, often your item will ship same day. We provide tracking information through USPS. It may take up to 6 WEEKS to receive your item. PLEASE be patient. There is nothing we can do about this. We understand and share your frustration.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Returns: Contact us through Aftcra for return info before sending any item. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Refunds are for purchase price only. We will refund you within 7 days of the return of items in original, unused condition. Items damaged or lost in transit: Please let us know! We are happy to replace your items or refund the purchase price. We will process your refund, and appropriate steps will be taken via USPS insurance claims on our end.

Other Policies

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: All our tool rolls are covered by this warranty. Lifetime free repairs for issues related to construction or flaw, you pay shipping one way. All other repairs will be evaluated on a case by case basis. A $10.00 patterning and layout fee will be charged for custom tool roll orders. Due to high volume, custom orders may not ship for up to 30 days, and are on a first come, first serve basis. Wholesale discounts apply on custom orders of 10 or more items.

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Roxy La Feevers & Clint Stocks email:

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